Writing a metes and bounds description

Aliquot descriptions are acceptable desirablewhen appropriate. Refer to culvert sections to determine if ditch is to be "V" or flat bottom, depth of ditch, slopes, etc. Legal descriptions need to serve as precise locaters of the land being conveyed. The original legal may, or may not, have been generated by a surveyor; the second was most likely not prepared by a surveyor.

Both buyer and seller must sign a newly prepared correction deed reciting the correct legal description. Reading a Plat Lesson Objective: Upon completion of the contemplated highway improvement, the owner s shall have full, free, and uninterrupted use and possession of said last-described tract; subject to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission's right, if it should so elect, to enter thereon from time to time for the purpose of maintaining said slope or terrace.

Rest assured, you do not have to write your own legal description. Have the learners coherently read aloud descriptions from various survey plats. However, realty rights being acquired or conveyed by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission shall be described using the metes and bounds method, unless the property is acquired in its entirety.

Using the word Writing a metes and bounds description was not a part of that previous discussion. GIS and survey people would like to see and use better legal descriptions, so they should work to help educate the larger title community about their importance. Upon completion and acceptance of the project, the temporary easement rights in the last-described tract shall cease and no longer be in effect.

Start by referring to a plat, if possible. The Elements Lesson Objective: Real Estate Deed Forms. The bounds is the english part, the descriptive part.

It's okay in the sense of pt, pc, poc etc. It is often difficult to know the exact source of a legal and whether or not a surveyor even prepared it. The procedure for fencing ditch easements as outlined above is not a requirement by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission but is a common practice by abutting owners.

Can I row a boat along the river? We were quite surprised to realize that most of the recorded instruments submitted for recordation are not checked or verified by the clerk or recorder! The party of the second part seeks only an easement in said tracts from which to obtain road-building materials and construct said ditch, using the materials therefrom for road-building purposes, and thereafter to maintain said ditches.

The participants should be able to plot a simple metes and bounds description with a scale and protractor. Other problems may arise when the legal descriptions use abbreviations that are unclear or unstandardized. If the judge rules in your favor, he may order the clerk of the court to sign a correction or reformation deed fixing the problem.

To interpret a rectangular survey description, it is much easier if it is read backwards or from the largest unit to the smallest unit. Property descriptions prepared on behalf of the Commission shall be written so that the outermost limits of the description extend beyond the property lines shown on the right of way plans to points that are identified by stations and offsets.

Were two adjacent properties purchased together? A letter stating, "construction is completed and the Commission no longer claims rights in easement area," or quitclaim deed will be issued at the request of fee holder or title examiner.

Metes and bounds

Fee Simple Title The sight distance area may also be acquired in fee simple title, which provides the Commission with the full control of the area.REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS OF CONVEYANCE IN HARDIN COUNTY, OHIO known as an “Unrecorded Plat” must have an accurate metes and bounds description.


Metes and bounds

III. Metes & bounds A mete is anything that is meted out, or measured. It's the direction And distance part of the written description.

Why Do They Use Minutes to Calculate Land Surveys?

The mathematics part. The bounds is the english part, the descriptive part. Writing tactics: * n 5' of s 1/2 less the following described parcel; * n ' of s '. Metes refers to distance and bounds to direction.

A critical feature is the Point of Beginning POB.

Metes and Bounds Surveys

Writing a metes and bounds description is a job for a land surveyor. Legal Description of the Property APNs and That portion of Block of National City, in the City of National City, County of San Diego, State of California, according to Map thereof No.filed in the Office of the County Recorder of San Diego County, October 2, Including a.

(B) A metes and bounds description shall include, in addition to paragraph (A) of this rule: (1) A description of the boundary monument used as the initial point of the description.

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(2) A series of calls for successive lines bounding the parcel, each of which specifies. Metes and Bounds includes a link to a series of online tutorials that are nicely designed and fully informative for any novice users getting up and running with this tool box.

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Writing a metes and bounds description
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