The wickedness of ignorance

The Wickedness of Ignorance Essay

In many Diasporas over the centuries, periods where Jews enjoyed the illusions of privilege and belonging were often followed up by harsh — and in some cases catastrophic — wake-up calls.

If this invading army in Ezekiel 38 - 39, is the nation of Turkey and their Muslim allies, just to the north of Israel, as some claim, then why, when defeated, would they flee into far northern Siberia?

A gathering of wickedness and ignorance

This statement is repeated a second time in Psalm We should obviously demonstrate solidarity with and seek justice for those facing very real injustices today.

Not only do many young Americans not know their history, they are actively antagonistic toward it. Rather than being an idol of wood or stone, or iron or steel, it was a theory of human government written in a book, which was totally opposed to the Creator God of the Bible.

What a revealing Scripture! I support Buhari and pray for him. From a Torah perspective, any man is equal to another provided he retains his Divine image and uses his reason.

First, these men have not offered any alternative party or Presidential aspirants to challenge Buhari or be compared with him. When the invasion occurs, the armies of the invaders will be almost totally destroyed, with only a few survivors fleeing back to their own country or countries.

Of course racism exists in the hearts of too many diseased people, both black and white. Here is the verdict of God on them according to Psalm and particularly verses6, Just three years later, inthat small group had become so large that the Bolsheviks were able to murder the Czar of Russia and overthrow the entire Russian government.

He did not even compel man to worship Him. I have been laughing at their ignorance and wickedness. Few hundred years ago, knowledge was always connected with action.

I'm not quite convinced that point 1 "a person with a good life should see that the community that gave him this good life is acting in Gd's will is rigorous, as opposed to merely expedient. O save me according to thy mercy: The ranks of Black Lives Matter all hate Jews even liberal ones!

Ignorance Begets Wickedness

The inspired Word explicitly states that Satan will go to the nations "which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: I'm not aware of what degree an "am ha'aretz" is exempt. For example, 97 English teachers donate to the Democratic Party for every 3 who give to the Republican Party.

Both of the numbers of these two Psalms "just happen" to be the year numbers of the birth of Communism, and the year when the first Communist ruler, Joseph Stalin, died. When this occurs, then only the God hating, Christ rejecting, Communists will be left in control in Russia, and they will immediately set about to invade Israel.

God himself created man a free moral agent to hold his thoughts and express his opinions as he wishes. You know the truth, the worst of Buhari in 8 years will be better than the best of PDP in 16 years.

The BLM movement should be destroyed along with the thugs of the New Black Panther Movement, the same for any group that terrorizes people based upon color, ethnicity, or religion.

In that study I set forth my belief that this invasion will be led by the armies of Russia. On a globe of the earth, there are usually four of these latitude lines converging, revealing "the four quarters of the earth.

To me this describes the location of the nation of Russia perfectly, and especially after their "nothern army" has been driven into far northern Siberia.“People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one.

12 Comments on “I’ve been laughing at their ignorance and wickedness” – Kenneth Okonkwo on Backlash following his Endorsement of Buhari.

King James Bible

Jade edo babe August 2, at pm. Finally, to reiterate the essential and obvious point: Absolute, deliberate ignorance is the equivalent of absolute evil, in opposition to the will of God and the benefit of humanity, as well as the improvement of the human condition that is, ostensibly, our ultimate purpose.

This reflects ignorance of how socialism has played out historically: While providing some necessary benefits to the poor, it degrades individuals, it is subject to systemic abuse, it is accompanied by huge debt and high taxes, and it leads to totalitarian regimes.

If a Jew breaks halacha because he honestly does not believe that the Torah is G-d's law or that he is obligated it follow it, is his nonconformance with the law considered wickedness or ignorance?.

May 24,  · The fear of the Lord, is the beginning of knowledge. That’s why virtue is knowledge.

Ignorance Quotes

If we don’t acknowledge God we then have no opportunity of acquiring “knowledge” about God and about His will. In that sense we are ignorant. Therefore, wickedness is lack of knowledge of God, His will and his virtue, and is therefore ignorance.

The wickedness of ignorance
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