Research papers on rural marketing in india

They constitute the majority of the farming community in the developing countries. Then, they should determine how these crops should be grown. Abounding in crops like Banana, Pineapple, Cashew, Citrus, Ginger and Onions which have high commercial valve before or after processing, the region seems to have already missed a great opportunity as Post-liberalized India is looking forward to penetrating international markets for some of Indian Horticultural products like grapes and mangoes as has happened in ports of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

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For leading a meaningful family life, farm women need training in areas like-family planning and child development, food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, health and sanitation, budgeting and house-keeping, rural crafts and income generating skills, fruitful utilization of leisure time and organization of mahila mandals etc.

Research Paper on Rural Marketing

The whole operation takes about hours depending upon the products under promotion, number of participants in the meeting and time taken for question and answers. It may be observed from the data that the a large number of farmers dispose off the marketable surplus of their produce immediately after the harvest, however, about 20 percent of the respondents revealed that they hold back the surplus in anticipation of the better price in the future.

Adoption of the measures as envisaged in the regulated market scheme is expected to benefit the producer-farmers by about 20 per cent of the total value of the produce according to a survey report of the Marketing Board. Under the prevailing practice in the state farm produce is collected Rural Marketing System in the Northeastern States 11 ACSI Consultancy from the producers in the interior villages and are brought to a central point, which is the assembling centre, by the womenfolk.

One of the main reasons for prominence of traders in the agricultural produce markets in villages is the heavy indebtedness of the farmers to traders, commission agents and middleman. Bringing a commercial orientation in farming.

The situation is further compounded by the fact that a chain of middle-men operate as transporters and traders between the farm-gate and the markets within the state as well as outside including the markets in neighboring Bangladesh.

They do not participate in decision making as they do not have any control over the basic means of production, the land and water. The traders also do not grade the produce at the village market level. Global melt down also compel General Motors one of the biggest Car or automobile Manufacturer has concentrated on Indian market aggressively.

Research Paper on Rural Marketing

Among the seven states in the region, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura have market regulation act and of these only in Tripura it has been enacted and implemented to some extent for non-food grain crops like jute and mesta.

The country holds the first position in global production of bananas, mangoes, coconut and cashew and is amongst the first ten in citrus, pineapple and apple production.

There are many infrastructure problems faced by the farmers in the rural markets. The basic infrastructure facilities include storage and warehousing, road links, transportation and communication aids.

Besides the organizational and functional dimensions of the marketing system, the flow of commodities in the NE region is restricted and localized to certain specific areas due to geophysical conditions as well as lack of infrastructural facilities.

Group meetings of rural customers as well as prospects are an important part of interpersonal media. Surprisingly in the category of shopkeepers and business men also the figures of urban area is far ahead as too rural. Just ignoring the specific requirements of rural consumer.

Due to increase in the education, level and opportunity of earning in the rural India the prosperity of rural India has been enhanced which results in to high demand of several FMCG and small value Consumer durable products.

Meghalaya Paddy is the main food-crop grown in the state. Export Promotion Cross border trade between farmers and traders of Meghalaya and neighboring Bangladesh is fairly vigorous though official figures data cannot be compiled.

However, after the partition, closure of border haats and bazaars on either side of the borders has affected the volume of trade but old trading relationships continue to operate.

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Rural Marketing System in the Northeastern States 15 ACSI Consultancy Some of the markets have been provided with minimum required amenities while the remaining markets have yet to be covered.

Most of the foodgrains are consumed within the state to cater the needs of the local markets while other crops like jute and mesta, cotton, pineapple, orange, jack fruit, ginger and vegetable crops such as cabbage, cauliflower, potato are having considerable quantity of marketable surplus.

Grading and Packaging It has been observed during the study that the farmers do not possess adequate knowledge about the grading the produce and its impact on the price.Shanthi Kannan; Rural market - A world of opportunity; The Hindu; Online edition of India's National Newspaper; Thursday, October 11, Shanti Kannan, “Rural Market – A World of Opportunity”, The Hindu, October 11, AcroPDF - A Quality PDF Writer and PDF Converter to create PDF files.

To remove the line, buy a license. Central assistance is also availed of from Directorate of Marketing and Inspection and Department of Rural Development, Government of India both for Regulated and Rural Markets.

Research papers rural marketing pdf

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Rural Marketing in India: Challenges and Opportunities Pawan Kumar, Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra This paper tries to understand the rural market, importance of rural marketing and status of rural market.

The main aim of the study to observe the. Aug 14,  · What are the market research areas to start a summer camp for rural children in India? Should there be a subject termed "development marketing" in the course curriculum for rural and development management disciplines in India?

Research Paper on Rural Marketing July 14, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Rural marketing is a implementing of all types of business tools, aimed at the promotion of the rural sector products, technology, and marketing of agricultural labor and delivery of .

Research papers on rural marketing in india
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