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The military instrument must be subordinated to the political leadership, but political leaders must be made to understand its nature and limitations.

And second, the only effective means of doing so during peace is to have officers replicate the experience of decision making by a commander in chief through historical reenactment of command decisions and reflect on that replicated experience.

The tone of a vocabulary establishes a vocabulary of tone. Three Competing Theorists Before discussing further the actual content of Clausewitz's theories, it is Precis writing passages to take note of three other important writers with whom his ideas are often contrasted.

All of these writers differ from Clausewitz in noteworthy aspects, though none is truly his antithesis. His intelligence, facile pen, and wide experience in the Napoleonic Wars made his writings a great deal more credible and useful than so brief a description can imply.

Ideal war, the intellectual descendant of his earlier term "absolute war" which still appears in older parts of the book represents the exploration of Clausewitz's initial thesis that "war is nothing but a wrestling match on a larger scale. Very little of the existing literature met these requirements, especially in the case of ancient history, where so much of the detail and context had been lost.

His rejection of these approaches was based on his conviction that effective command performance in war—and especially at the level of strategic decision—is the product of genius. Such misconceptions are usually the product of writers who either never read On War or read only the opening paragraphs or perhaps a condensation or who sought intentionally to distort its content.

On the side of rationality, it is true that Clausewitz argued that a party resorting to war should do so with a clear idea as to what it means to accomplish and how it intends to proceed toward that goal. That may be an advantage, of course. Total war involved no suspension of the effects of time and space, as did Clausewitz's concept of the ideal.

Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth. Total war in this sense involved the total subordination of politics to the war effort—an idea Clausewitz emphatically rejected—and the assumption that total victory or total defeat were the only options.

He who wishes to rule must have recourse both to cunning and to make-believe. Perhaps his dependence on the czar, one of the most conservative rulers in Europe, had some influence on his attitude. In the meantime, the role of the military leadership was to reduce the enemy to helpless acquiescence in the political goals of the victorious state.

War is thus permeated by "intelligent forces. Origin, growth and dimensions of fundamentalism, militancy and terrorism.

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Occitan dialects according to Pierre Bec Supradialectal classification of Occitan according to Bec Supradialectal classification of Occitan according to Sumien Occitan is fundamentally defined by its dialects, rather than being a unitary language. The Prussian writer occasionally likened it to commerce or litigation, but more usually to politics.

Collective Notebook A notebook maintained by a group in which each member of the group is expected to add an idea or observation during a specified time period typically each day or each week.

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Often the most critical factors in any particular event are lost to us. Arid land, marshesand areas otherwise impractical for farming and resistant of colonization provide further separation territory between Loire and Garonnethe Aragon desert plateau. Evidence of a written account in Occitan from Pamplona revolving around the burning of borough San Nicolas from survives today, while the History of the War of Navarre by Guilhem Anelier albeit written in Pamplona shows a linguistic variant from Toulouse.

Such an effort requires that the student do original research using primary sources rather than rely upon the pre-digested products of narrative historians.

Clausewitz recognized, however, that the historical record does not include many of the factors that affected the performance of commanders in chief of the past. The bibliography should relate to references in the essay.1 Revised Syllabus to be implemented from the Academic Year (for the new batch only) First Year First Semester A.

THEORY Sl. No. Field Theory Contact Hours/Week Credit. UPSC Mains Syllabus & Structure Before attempting UPSC Civil Services exam student must know about UPSC Mains Syllabus for UPSC Syllabus UPSC Mains Syllabus-We had already provided UPSC civil Services Exam Notification & UPSC Exam Syllabus & Subjects for Prelims in Mains exam is just around the corner.

It will be conducted in October Now, before going to attempt UPSC Civil Services Mains exam, this month, you must know the UPSC Mains Syllabus, and the exam pattern, so that you can plan your. Martin Heidegger (–) was a German philosopher whose work is perhaps most readily associated with phenomenology and existentialism, although his thinking should be identified as part of such philosophical movements only with extreme care and qualification.

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Programme Structure for (CA) under CBCS For candidates admitted from the academic year onwards PART. India is my country, my motherland. I love it and I am proud of it.

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India is a big country. In population it is second only to China. India has a rich and glorious past. Once it was the seat of learning.

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Precis writing passages
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