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Jonaraja, however, could not complete the history of the patron as he died in the 35th regnal year of him. Kashmir leader Sheikh Abdullah endorsed the accession as ad-hoc which would be ultimately decided by the people of the State.

A few years later, inGeneral Zorawar Singh invaded Baltistan, captured the Raja of Skardu, who had sided with the Ladakhis, and annexed his country.

The war The Indo-Pak war of Battle of Kargil It was only after the war between India and Pakistan a line of control was defined which marks the Indian boundaries. With the impending independence of India, the British announced that the British Paramountcy over the princely states would end, and the states were free to choose between the new Dominions of India and Pakistan or to remain independent.

Agricultural hamlets and nucleated villages predominate throughout the state; cities and towns such as Jammu and Udhampur function essentially as market centres and administrative headquarters for the rural populations and estates in the vicinity.

By the first the State of Lahore i. The temple complex was built by the third ruler of the Karkota dynastyEmperor Lalitaditya Muktapidain the 8th century CE. Srinagar and Jammu are linked by air to Delhi and other Indian cities, and there is air service between Srinagar, Leh, and Delhi.

Climate change is responsible for the increasing trend in the number and intensity of extreme weather events reiterated again this year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in their latest report.

Following the logic of Partitionmany people in Pakistan expected that Kashmir would join Pakistan. The outer zone consists of sandstones, clays, silts, and conglomerates, influenced by Himalayan folding movements and eroded to form long ridges and valleys called duns.

Construction of buildings in such areas have not only made these buildings vulnerable but also reduced the flood absorption capacity of these areas, thus making other areas vulnerable too. The main part of the text forms a dialogue between Vashistha and Ramainterchanged with numerous short stories and anecdotes to illustrate the content.

Westward of the northern angle above Hunza-Nagar the mighty maze of mountains and glaciers trends a little south of east along the Hindu Kush range bordering Chitral, and so on into the limits of Kafiristan and Afghan territory.

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That made it necessary to transform a longer and more-difficult cart road through Banihal Pass into an all-weather highway in order to link Jammu with the Vale of Kashmir; included was the construction of the Jawahar Tunnel, which at the time of its completion in was one of the longest in Asia.

People The cultural, ethnic, and linguistic composition of Jammu and Kashmir varies across the state by region. However, both India and Pakistan have continued to claim the entire Kashmir region, and tensions generally have remained high along the line. Kashmir Portrait of Maharaja Gulab Singh ina year after signing the Treaty of Amritsar, when he became Maharaja by purchasing the territories of Kashmir "to the eastward of the river Indus and westward of the river Ravi " [b] for 7.

In addition, a route through the Pir Panjal Range that followed the ancient Mughal Road opened insignificantly reducing the travel distance between Punch and the vale.

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About 22 air force helicopters and four aircraft were deployed to evacuate stranded people and to deliver relief. Kalhana lived in a time of political turmoil in Kashmir, at that time a brilliant center of civilization in a sea of barbarism.

For intermittent periods betweenwhen the state approved its own Constitution, [71] and the death of Sheikh Abdullah inthe state had alternating spells of stability and discontent. India would like to formalise this status quo and make it the accepted international boundary.

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India claims all of the region that was once a princely state. Pastoralism—notably yak herding—long has been a vital feature of the Ladakh economy; breeding of sheep, goats, and cattle has been encouraged.Kashmir is known for its unearthly beauty, which has earned it the sobriquet of being the " Paradise on Earth".

Kashmir Valley is part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in. Here is your Essay on Jammu- Kashmir specially written for School and College Students in Hindi Language: Home ›› Related Essays: Sample essay on the “Problems of Kashmir” in Hindi Essay on the Gujjars and Bakarwals People of Jammu & Kashmir Geographical Features of Jammu and Kashmir State (North Western Himalayas) Essay on the.

KASHMIR CONFLICT BETWEEN PAKISTAN AND INDIA The State of Jammu and Kashmir is situated between Pakistan and India. jammu and kashmir issue Essay WORLD KASHMIR This is neither the time nor the occasion to go into the history of this issue.

Suffice it to state that after the Quaid, successive leadership appear to have.

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Home Essays Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir. Topics: Training, years, a number of banks have taken initiatives in setting up their own RUDSETI type of Institutions in various States. As on date, there are 23 RUDSET Institutions sponsored by 15 Commercial Banks having footprints in 93 districts covering 15 States.

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Jammu and Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir, Indian state located in the northern part of India in the vicinity of the Karakoram and westernmost Himalayan mountain ranges. It is part of the larger region of Kashmir, which has been the subject of dispute between India, Pakistan, and China since the partition of the subcontinent in Published: Mon, 5 Dec The Kashmir conflict is a political problem that has existed since consisting of a territorial dispute between Pakistan and India regarding the “princely” state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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