Intranet examples business reports

While some areas of the site may need to be more carefully edited, trust authors to create accurate and appropriate content. Refreshing or reviewing content, while important, should not be the only point of contact with contributors.

This in turn saves a company time and money. Make Authors Accountable Creating content is often a job assigned to an employee, rather than asked for. This in-depth report looks at the practices involved in effectively managing intranet content. Product manager who positively implemented over 40 web service digital data exchange processes, resulting in automation to increased security, reduce transactional process errors, and meet internal and external compliance needs.

In the book he categorises people into 5 groups using terms that have become mainstream today: Not to mention incorporating the inevitable upgrades and conducting enterprise-wide training. Intranets are useful in bringing employees from different departments together. Another common reason for eliminating global navigation on certain pages is the attempt to declutter the design and create an immersive experience.

For the intranet to be successful, it must provide ways of empowering all employees, offering concrete incentives for employees to use, and encourage the use, of the intranet.

What about Yammer or Skype? So what are Deloittes on about? Also, give content authors freedom. In addition, an element of fun was added with the use of Online Photo Albums.

A company would want to set up an intranet for many reasons. For example, a section on an intranet examples business reports page may intranet examples business reports called Employee stock options.

The end result of poor visual design is that employees waste time and miss information they should be paying attention to. So be imaginative and creative.

Employees who use the intranet to its fullest potential will discover that the benefits of e-mail, reduced paperwork, and easy access to information will increase their productivity. Even trained writers have trouble translating information for the intranet. Instead, employee names, titles, duties, departments, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and even photographs can be stored in an online directory.

Online learning videos provided instructions for content authors. As mentioned previously, company literature that is stored and distributed online rather than through traditional hard paper copies also cuts down printing and distribution costs.

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Team sites or project sites? Finally, the best intranets encourage collaboration by creating shared and familiar spaces that reflect the personality of the company and create a common ground for all employees. Bright colors that are different from those used on the rest of the intranet, animations, and smiling stock-art people repel employees from these promotions, and cause them to miss things like Benefits Open Enrollment, All-Hands Meeting Friday at 3: It may be more meaningful to manage your intranet user adoption efforts at a more micro level.

Simply asking employees to be contributors or assigning the role to individuals around the organization is not enough to foster strong content. As Schneider and Davis state, "As the intranet creates new forms of collaboration, it will challenge traditional ways of doing work and obtaining information.

Regular readers of this blog will know that the WIC is an online benchmark service that allows you to compare the level of intranet user adoption and satisfaction with other organisations that have already participated.

Get to know what your people are good at outside of their work. These include html editors, database and forms interfaces, java applets, and java script.

An intranet must use these tools to be designed well enough to fully maximize its potential. First, they are built on smart information design.

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Digging through our previous blog posts, there were a number of highly effective intranet examples we could have highlighted. Whatever the new type of content you decide to deliver on the intranet, consider whether it needs its own site or tool, or it would be better off if linked in the larger intranet.

To deliver a valuable intranet, it is imperative to increase the percentage of active contributors and the level of content contribution. This allows for easier access by employees outside of the department who are contributing to the task at hand. The world has enough poor content already: Confirm the timings, especially finishing time.

Be careful to avoid committing to training expenditure before suitable approval, permission or availability has been confirmed - if necessary discuss likely training requirements with the relevant authority before the appraisal to check.

One organisation may have an integrated chat feature as part of the intranet while a different organisation may have a stand alone chat application.

In addition to information about the facility, the intranet included a People Directory with contact information for all the employees and their locations.Effective August 11,the Petty Cash Purchase Order limit was increased to make purchases up to $ Petty Cash Purchase Orders will be issued in lots of fifteen Purchase Orders to the individual departments by the Business Office.

Home > Corporate Intranet, Customer Stories > 3 Highly Effective Intranet Examples. Previous Next. 3 Highly Effective Intranet Examples. By Melissa Del Monte BC Place’s intranet is a terrific example of a highly effective intranet since: It streamlines business processes with quick access to online forms.

The ClearBox comprehensive, and independent, review of 34 intranet products for SharePoint. This in-depth report looks at the practices involved in effectively managing intranet content. It addresses key aspects such as content strategy, publishing models, managing the publishing community, quality of content, managing the different types of content and also the content lifecycle.

Intranet Design Examples from Our Customers

Following the most advanced standard trend, the AuraPortal Business Rules are “ declarative” meaning that they do not “act”. Instead, they are kept separate from the processes and are invoked by the process engines only when they are required, so that the rules are only calculated when they are invoked and the results are served to the process engine.

Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. Intranet: Inc-Mail. An intranet often gets confused with the Internet. While there are a lot of similarities between them, they really are two different things.

Intranet examples business reports
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