Client service networking multiple choice questions

The network equipment that is currently in use will not support frame relay connections. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description. Digital transmission quiz has 65 multiple choice questions. Why does the receiving device check the FCS field in the frame? The Need for QoS As introduced in the preceding section, even with adequate bandwidth available throughout a multilayer switched network, several network design properties may affect performance.

If the arrival time of subsequent packets increases beyond a specific threshold, a jitter buffer underrun occurs. Which set of commands will accomplish this? For this reason, this chapter focuses mostly on queuing delay. Analog transmission quiz has 22 multiple choice questions. For example, an output queue full condition can occur where a sender attached to an interface of a higher speed is sending to a receiver attached to an interface of a lower speed.

Combine multiple small memory holes into one big hole C.

Multiple Choice Questions for Data Communication and Networking

Assign two network numbers, one for each encapsulation type. How are services advertised to other networks?

Computer Networks Basic Questions and Answers

What is the maximum TTL value that is used to reach the destination www. The new CTO plans to outsource the design and implementation of the network and hire one new technician to perform network management. Then each item will be presented along with a select menu for choosing an answer choice.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Computer networking multiple choice quiz questions and answers pdf, networking exam revision and study guide with practice tests for online exam prep and interviews.

Network security quiz has 21 multiple choice questions with answers. XYZFoodCorp plans to roll out a new e-commerce application allowing customers to order products directly from their website. A technician uses the ping QoS-Enabled Solutions In brief, QoS addresses latency, jitter, and packet-drop issues by supporting the following components and features on Cisco network devices: Both arpa and snap are enabled by default so you don't have to configure anything.

A network of personal computers that share hardware, software, and data is called a: Network models quiz has 53 multiple choice questions. The compatibility between the X.

Outsource the network managements d. A extremely long process is called thrashing D. Savvy test-takers can use information in one question to answer another question, reducing the validity of the test.

Of all the delay types listed, queuing is the delay over which you have the most control with QoS features in Cisco IOS. Using the pull-down menus, match each item in the left column to the corresponding item in the right column.

This processing method allows both remote access and remote processing. Avoid complex multiple choice items, in which some or all of the alternatives consist of different combinations of options.

It allocates the exact same size memory hole Answers: This method places all processing, hardware, and software in one central location. In addition, the examples, caveats, and restrictions discussed in this chapter involve the Catalyst and families of switches.

Enter the specific instructions instructions such as Writing Style e. Which one of the following computer network is built on the top of another network?Networking Multiple Choice Questions And Answers pdf, Free Computer Networking Multiple Choice Questions And Answers Ebook Download, Free Computer Networking Multiple alcatel 3 > alcatel omnipcx enterprise software client-server chorus mix micro kernel operating system sql/cql database unix system v compliant linux lilo Chapter Two.

In this blog, I have shared selective important questions of Data Communications and Networking for IT Officer and Competitive Exams. Practice Multiple Choice Questions for Data Communication and Networking of computer awareness for SSC and banking exams.- Page This is the networking questions and answers section on "TCP/IP" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test.

Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Multiple Choice Appendix C: Networking This activity contains 15 questions. A computer that can both request and provide services is called a: workstation.

client. peer. None of these. Network services include: print services. file services. messaging service. All of these.

This set of Computer Networks Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Internet”. 1.

Networking Basics Questions Answers

What is internet? internet service provider d) none of the mentioned View Answer. Answer: c Which protocol assigns IP address to the client connected in the internet? a) DHCP b) IP c) RPC d) none of the mentioned View Answer.

System Analysis and Design/Documents On Web Multiple Choice Questions Internet is a. a local computer network b. a world wide network of computers c. an interconnected network of computers (ii) internet service provider’s name (iii) name of organization (iv) name of individual.

Client service networking multiple choice questions
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