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The hotel room, car, telephone or computer service is only hired for a period and ultimately possessions reverts to the firm offering the service.

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The geographic managers can serve customers with speed and efficiency. Thus, economic system of a country may be characterized as capitalist i.

The objective of T.

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A can give employees fresh insights into their own personalities; it also can help them understand why others sometimes respond as they do. The project manager can have the services of different departments in the organization, whenever required. FTP is built on client-server architecture and utilizes separate control and data connections between the client and server applications.

Motives Bba 1 sem solve paper why people enter into business and stay into business. Perceived instrumentality is also a subjective feeling. What are their relative advantages and disadvantages?

This creates massive problems when demand fluctuates, as in the case of some utilities, e. Then around this core we have the interested institutions and groups of people, e.

Related To Consumer Product 1 The goods may directly be distributed by a manufacturer 1 The producer of consumer goods may distribute his products directly to his consumers 2 A manufacturer may take help of the agents to distribute his 2 A producer may take the help of retailer or agent for the goods to the buyers distribution of his products Producer — Agents — Industrial users Producer — Retailer — Agents — Consumers 3 A producer of industrial goods may take help of wholesalers for 3 A manufacturer may choose to distribute his goods with the help the distribution of his goods Producer — Wholesalers — Industrial of two middlemen i.

An enterprise does not live in a vacuum. The broad national economic environment is set by the nature of economic system embodying the nature of property rights, co-ownership of means of production, relations, role of planning, functioning of price mechanism etc.

This is only possible if two laws of one price exist. But it is not likely to happen for this reason; it is very easy to print a great deal of paper money but not at all easy to increase the amount of rupee-coins. Users Producer — Wholesalers — Retailers — Consumers 4 Industrial goods may be distributed to their users through three 4 A producer may distribute his goods to his consumers through middlemen also four middlemen Producer — Wholesalers — Distributors — Agents — Industrial users Producer — Distributors — Agents — Wholesalers — Retailers — Consumers Assignment Set- 2 30 Marks Note: Please i want that question papers 5 21st May Economic environment comprises fiscal policy, monetary policy, industrial policy, price-income policy, economic system structure and quality of economic development, international economic relations and business and economic plans.

These channels are broadly divided into two parts i Channels of distribution related to industrial product e. More over, the firm can employ a great variety of skills and utilize the same efficiently. What is more valuable, to have rupee-coins in Silver or a Rs.

It could be summarized in one sentence: There are several bases for departmentation, each of which is suitable for particular corporate sizes, strategies and purposes.

The marketing manager has definite control over product, place, price and promotion mixes but he must work within the limitations imposed by marketing environmental forces, i.

Customers are the patrons of the business enterprise and their satisfaction must be uppermost in the minds of the businessman. The credibility of these three commitments will depend on the efficiency of institutional structures required to face global markets and will determine the quality of monetary policy.

Knowledge, skill and language are obviously acquired and represent important modifications of behaviour. The government therefore permits you to make t in rupee notes. Functional departmentation is the most widely employed bases for organizing activities, because it provides a logical framework for specialization.

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Marketing Strategy is the overall process for marketing a product that includes selecting and analyzing a target market and creating and maintaining a marketing mix.

Owners the shareholders in the case of companies B. The business enterprise is an open adaptive system with its own environment. Another task of EMI would be to prepare the third stage by designing the instruments and procedures for carrying out a single monetary policy, by harmonizing the compilation and distribution of statistics, by promoting the efficiency of EC cross-border payments and by supervising the technical preparation of ECU bank-notes.

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Amity Solved Assignment BBA 1st Sem for English Language by our expert team who have many years of experience in this field in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai Faridabad and Ghaziabad India.

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Amity Solved Assignment BBA 1st Sem for English Language by our expert team who have many years of experience in this field in Delhi.

Bba 1 sem solve paper
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