A literary of rebellion in the backlands by euclides da cunha

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Rebellion in the Backlands

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Synopsis[ edit ] Influenced by theories like positivism and social Darwinism from the end of the 19th century, Cunha discussed the forming of a new Brazilian republican nation and also its racial composition and its promising future of progress and civilization.

Canudos is the subject of intense national concern. It is dry and desolate most of the year; its cowboy folklore reminds one of the American southwest. Eyewitnesses, however, reported 2, huts, for a total population of around 10, It takes every opportunity to counter the official view of Canudos as a redoubt of banditry and mysticism.

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Euclides e a literatura:Os Sertões (Portuguese: [us seʁˈtõjʃ], "the backlands"; ), translated as Rebellion in the Backlands, is a book written by the Brazilian author Euclides da dfaduke.com: Euclides da Cunha.

Rebellion in the Backlands. by Euclides da Cunha. THE LITERARY WORK. A narrative that fuses elements of history, biography, fiction, travel literature, geography, and anthropology; set in northeastern Brazil from to ; published in Portuguese (as Os Sertões) inin English in SYNOPSIS. "Euclides da Cunha went on the campaigns [against Conselheiro] as a journalist and what he returned with and published in is still unsurpassed in Latin American literature.

Cunha is a talent as grand, spacious, entangled with knowledge, curiosity, and bafflement as the country itself/5(10). Euclides da Cunha was the basis for the character of The Journalist in Mario Vargas Ll His most important work is Os Sertões (Rebellion in the backlands), a non-fictional account of the military expeditions promoted by the Brazilian government against the rebellious village of Canudos, known as the War of Canudos/5(53).

Euclides da Cunha was born in in Santa Rita do Rio Negro, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. (So celebrated is Rebellion in the Backlands that its author customarily goes by his first name, like the ancient geometer: I follow that convention here.). Backlands: The Canudos Campaign is one of the best military history books ever written.

The detail in which Euclides da Cunha wrote is such that the reader can Reviews: 9.

A literary of rebellion in the backlands by euclides da cunha
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